How Has Well-Targeted Direct Mail Worked for Marketers?

P.O.V. One Question, Three Experts on Well-Targeted Direct Mail


“How has well-targeted mail worked best for you?”


Large BusinessLiz Sarachek Blacker – Liz Sarachek Blacker

Chief Revenue Officer, Terra USA

Print is not dead, nor is letter writing. It is actually trendy to send real mail. I try to send personal letters and gifts via the Postal Service™ for clients and special occasions. In our business, it’s about touchpoints, and real mail still offers a valuable one. When was the last time you received a letter? I bet you remember. Next time you want to thank customers and feel that a quick e‑mail will do the trick, consider writing a note and sending it in the mail instead. I bet you receive more than an e‑mail in response.


Medium Business – Michael SteeleMichael Steele

President and CEO, Advantage Communications, Inc.

Using mail to keep customers loyal is still a timely approach. It beckons the lost art of the handwritten thank-you note. We’ve learned in this time of fast-paced electronic communications and social media, there is no substitution for a handwritten thank you. In follow-up to a client query, new business opportunity or just to say thanks for the opportunity to serve, dropping a note in the mail can go a very long way. We’ve even pulled our staff and had writing parties around the holidays where each person writes a series of notes to various client contacts.


Small Business – Peg NorthPeg North

New Development Business Manager, Ethnic Technologies, LLC

I’ve worked with several clients lately who started entirely online and are now testing mail. They were quite surprised how robust the responses are, especially with African American and Hispanic women. Gender and ethnicity are working for them. My theory: Women in these groups are raising children and paying bills. While they may work online, at home they are not so wired. Most bills still come via mail. Respect your audience and their culture, speak to their needs with graphics and copy and you will get them to respond.

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