Case Study: Direct Mail Coupons for New Homeowners

Rolling out the “Welcomemat”


Image of mat outside door that reads "DM"

First impressions are lasting. That’s not just a popular saying, it’s also the guiding philosophy behind, a Georgia-based direct marketing company that sends monthly direct mail packages to new residents in cities nationwide. “Someone who has just moved into a community needs to find businesses and services,” says Welcomemat founder Brian Mattingly. “If you reach out to them shortly after they move, there’s a good chance that you’ll keep them as a regular customer.”

As the company’s name implies, Welcomemat acts as a sort of direct mail welcoming committee. Within weeks of moving into your new digs, Welcomemat sends branded mailers stuffed with “invitations” (i.e., coupons) from various local businesses. Most invitations feature discounts on goods or services.

By scanning barcodes on redeemed invitations, Welcomemat can report back to its subscribers with info including the number of customers who have visited a business or organization, the precise locations those consumers visited and the customers’ addresses. Welcomemat even breaks down the average age, income level and gender of customers in an area.

To help secure customer loyalty, Welcomemat sends “bounce back” mailers thanking recipients for their initial patronage and enticing them back with follow-up offers, discounts and deals. “We get you in twice to really solidify that loyalty,” says Mattingly.

Mattingly says Welcomemat has been used by a range of businesses, from eateries to dental offices: “Most can make a case for getting that new consumer in the door.”

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