Every Door Direct Mail Helps Small Businesses Hit the Target

Hit the Target with Every Door Direct Mail



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From gourmet pizzerias to local financial offices, small businesses are praising the new Every Door Direct Mail program from the U.S. Postal Service.

They like the simplicity of the service and the fact that it offers several advantages, including making it easier for businesses to target specific areas in their local markets and doing so at a substantial cost savings.

Peter Caserta, owner of Stuzzi, a gourmet pizza restaurant in Richmond, Va., says his eatery has been well established but he wanted to expand its home delivery service. So he turned to EDDM.

“It’s been very effective,” Caserta says. “We’ve increased home delivery by almost four times in just the past few months.”

Stuzzi is not your average pizzeria. Caserta proudly notes his restaurant is one of only five on the East Coast certified by the Italian government to make specialized pizza in a wood-burning oven.

“We offer reasonably priced handcrafted food,” he explains. “We don’t send out discount coupons, but rather a menu to let prospective customers know what we offer. We could have used some other advertising medium but we chose EDDM because it’s relatively inexpensive but very effective.”

The address-free direct mail program saves on mail preparation time and cuts printing costs. Local businesses can reach potential customers in designated areas of their businesses by using mail delivery route information, rather than names and exact addresses.

In the past, if a company mailed books or fliers to a city route, specific addresses had to be imprinted on the pieces. However, for rural routes that wasn’t necessary. All that had to be printed was “Postal Customer.”

Now, under EDDM, all mailings can be distributed by Postal carriers without specific addresses because both city and rural routes are treated the same. Letter carriers deliver supplements along with the day’s mail to every door that businesses want to reach. The EDDM website has information about how many businesses and homes are within a certain area or radius. Kevin Dover, manager of the Quick Credit office in Easley, S.C., says his firm is pleased with EDDM.

“We use EDDM for growth purposes to get more customers,” Dover says. “We’re a loan company and we send out fliers to just select areas within a 10-mile radius. We go online and we can designate what areas to send them to.”

Dover says his branch is part of a larger chain, but he considers the office a small business.

“EDDM has helped my office generate about twice as many new customers as we did before we used the service. We used to average about 12 new customers per month. Now the total is 22–25.”

EDDM also has been a big boost to printing companies.

Leo Haynes, of Grand Blanc Printing in Michigan and owner of a monthly shopper magazine, says it has had a positive “trickle-down effect” on his business.

“It benefits me when I print and mail my books each month,” explains Haynes. “The process is a lot quicker, less complicated, helps with my cash flow and helps me keep my rates down for my customers who advertise in my book.”

Haynes says he saves about 15 percent per month compared to costs before he used EDDM.

Tim Christian, plant manager for Another Printer, Inc., based in Columbia, S.C., also is very pleased with EDDM.

He says he tested the new service just for his company before promoting it for his customers.

“We sent several staff members to a seminar to learn about it,” Christian explains. “We then sent out a trial bulk mailer with coupons for our own business. It was very easy to do and we got very good results.”

Christian says when you add in all of the work that the direct mail program eliminates, his company is realizing cost savings of about 20 percent over a standard mailing.

“It’s a win-win situation. It’s simple for us and simple for our customers. It gets a small business’s name out there in a local market for promoting its goods and services.”

Have your own success story with Every Door Direct Mail? We want to hear from you. Share it with us on our Facebook page.

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