Why Consumers Scan QR Codes

Get to the Point with QR Codes


Image of direct mail sample with QR Code

Ready to use QR codes to further boost the potency of your direct mail? According to a new report published by Direct Marketing IQ, businesses should use the stamp-sized, consumer friendly barcodes to “provide value (and) be relevant.”

The report cites a study conducted by Maryland-based marketing agency MGH, which found that offers and calls to action are the No. 1 reason prospects scan QR codes. “(Consumers) don’t have time to waste, so they want to be served content, offers, surveys, etc. that matter to them,” the Direct Marketing IQ report states. “Just sending a prospect to the company’s Facebook page, or even worse, just to the company’s website without any special content or coupon, will turn off many potential customers.”

For more information, or to order a PDF download of “Cracking the QR Code: The Ultimate Guide for Using QR Codes,” visit directmarketingiq.com.

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