Millennials and Contemporary Marketing Techniques

From the Mouths of Babes


Collage of pieces of millennials to make one face

What makes Millennials different from previous generations? Their comfort with technology is one mark. So how does this affect how marketers reach them? We decided to ask a few actual Millennials for their thoughts.

So we pulled together a small panel of young professionals to get a closer, more intimate sense of contemporary marketing and how well it’s doing in reaching young consumers. Our respondents include Deana Goodrich, a public relations executive; Beth Walker, marketing director at a green-energy technology company; Matt Crandell, who owns a design shop; and Adam Zielke, a public relations and marketing executive.

Beth: “Use a variety of mediums and customize the user experience to fit the individual that you are trying to reach. Make it interesting and don’t try to hide the sales pitch.”

Matt: “E-mail is beginning to be treated as a ‘spam factory,’ so relying on it to connect to Millennials can be iffy. Social media can be a great way for reaching potential customers, and many companies are using text messages, too. But companies should continue to incorporate mail in their marketing. Consider an edgier design, as the standard white envelope will be quickly forgotten. Millennials welcome things that break the traditional molds.”

Deana: “Organizations looking to incorporate mail into marketing campaigns targeting Millennials should keep their true interests at heart. Clearly define the value you are bringing them and play on that before trying to create a cheap gimmick that won’t resonate or give a positive ROI.”

Adam: “The new wave of marketing is through QR codes, the mobile web and across all social media platforms. My generation expects to get marketed to via these channels, as they are the ones that we rely on most. Coupons are all the rage right now with companies like Groupon and Living Social leading the pack as the new wave of marketing. Mail should always have some sort of incentive. My wife loves to get her 20 percent off at Bed, Bath & Beyond.”

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