Postcard Services App Transforms Direct Mail

DIY Direct Mail


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Touted as a cost-effective solution for businesses of all sizes, the Postcard Services App transforms select accounting software into a powerful and easy-to-use generator of direct mail postcard campaigns. (See the App.) []

The Services App generates profile driven, on-demand printing from a library of professionally designed postcards covering hundreds of industry sectors. By tapping the marketing power of data inherent within a user’s bookkeeping system, the free application allows users interested in promoting relevant cross-sell, up-sell or special offers to create campaigns targeting only customers who purchased specific products and/or services as far back as the preceding 90 days.

The patent-pending technology means the minimum order size is just 100 postcards. The application also contains valuable reporting features that enable users to track the ROI associated with each direct mail campaign.

Also, demographically specific mailing lists can be purchased via the Services App to supplement the recipient list generated by the accounting software. After users have generated their campaign in the digital “cloud,” Postcard Services ( provides 48-hour turnaround on eco-friendly postcards that are sent with free certification.

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