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Self Centered

One measure of a good direct marketing agency isn’t just how it promotes its clients — but how it promotes itself, too.

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Outside the Box: Trial Size Me

September 14, 2012
Brand Marketing

Drive additional sales by putting your product in the hands of your customers.

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Of Profits and Nonprofits

September 14, 2012

Survey of nonprofit marketers reveals just how many use direct mail.

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A Mature Offer

September 14, 2012

Consumer interest is driving up the mail marketing of a new annuity program.

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Loan Ranger

September 13, 2012

A credit union steered a car loan campaign right into customers’ mailboxes.

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Mail Promotes Green Automobile

If direct mail wasn’t environmentally friendly, and if it didn’t get results, then why would an automobile manufacturer promote its electric car with direct mail? Because mail works, that’s why.